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BPA Free
BPA Free
Information about Bisphenol-A (BPA)
Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a hormone/endocrine disruptor that mimics the human hormone estrogen. Scientific research shows that this chemical has been linked to fertility problems, diabetes, breast cancer, hyperactivity, early puberty in girls, and breast tissue development in boys.
The plastics industry is confident that the chemical poses no risk and that the exposure humans have to it leaching from products made with it is in such low forms that it is not a health risk to humans.

In April 2008, Canada disagreed, banning the sale of baby bottles containing this chemical, declaring it to be toxic. Parts of Europe have also banned it and Japan did so over 5 years ago.

• Bisphenol-A (BPA) is the chemical used in Polycarbonate (PC) and other hard plastic.
• It is from the phthalates (“thay-lates”), group of chemicals, like PVC.
• It’s properties make plastic shatter proof and clear.
• When these plastics are exposed to heat they leach this chemical out. For example, when heating baby milk in a Polycarbonate bottle, especially in the microwave, this increases the leaching of BPA into the milk.
• Over time the properties in BPA begin to break down releasing more of the chemical into the environment. The older the product the more the BPA will leach. Worn and/or damaged products (i.e.: scratched baby bottles) speed up this process.

Why take the risk?
There are alternatives to using plastic containing BPA. Glass, Stainless Steel, Polypropylene , Polyamide and PES are all plastics that DO NOT contain BPA in their production.

Children up to the age of 18 months are so vulnerable, looking to their parents to assist in their growth and development. If there is any question about a substance that can hinder or harm, why take that risk when there are alternatives?

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Mam Bottles 9 oz
Mam Bottles 9 oz

Harga: IDR 290.000 per pack isi 3

* Easy transition from breast to bottle

The new MAM bottle was designed specifically to work just like breastfeeding. Considering the natural stripping action a baby uses to....

Sassy on-the-go feeding set
Sassy on-the-go....

Harga: IDR 84.900

Whether you are at home, Grandma’ s, daycare or “ on-the-go” with your toddler in tow, this nine-piece feeding set is great for any feeding occasion.

It includes one large....

Sassy Teething Feeder
Sassy Teething....

Harga: IDR 59.900

Perfect for home or travel, the Teething Feeder is a great way to give your baby whole, fresh, age appropriate foods while reducing the risk of choking. The unique “ chill” ....

Snack catcher munchkin
Snack catcher....

Harga: IDR 79.900

No more spilled snacks on the floor or car seat. Our clever Snack CatcherTM cup keeps bite-sized snacks inside the container until little fingers pull them out. Even if it tips....

Dwink Box
Dwink Box

Harga: IDR 60.000

Alat bantu praktis baut anak belajar minum sendiri, agar minuman kotak tidak tumpah kemana2 karena dipencet oleh anak

Nuby No Spill Twin Handled Cup w/ Soft Silicone Spout,  10 oz
Nuby No Spill Twin....

Harga: IDR 110.000

The Nû by™ 2 handled cups feature the No-Spill™ easy to use, easy to clean soft silicone spout that prevents spills and reduces leaks. The unique 1 piece valve promotes natural....

Nuby Mega Sipper W/ Flip-It Straw Top,  12 oz
Nuby Mega Sipper W/ ....

Harga: IDR 100.000

The perfect solution for the child that is ready to stop drinking from a spout. Like many of our other patented Nuby™ silicone feeding and drinking items, the Vari-Flo® Valve....

Nuby Non-Drip™ Bottle 10 oz,  Standard Neck
Nuby Non-Drip™ ....

Harga: IDR 160.000

Non-Drip™ Design prevents leaks and spills
10oz/ 300ml

BPA FREE 100% Bisphenol A Free and keeping your baby safeBPA FREE 100% Bisphenol A Free and keeping your baby safe Non....

Nuby Spot Sipper
Nuby Spot Sipper

Harga: IDR 90.000

The Nuby easygrip sports sipper introduces your toddler to straw drinking. The easy to hold, easy to use sports bottle is great for toddlers on the go. The unique 1 piece silicone....

Pacifier Tattoo Rock Star
Pacifier Tattoo Rock....

Harga: IDR 140.000

Let’ s rock, Baby!

This pacifier made from silicone in jaw suitable form is a real eye-catcher with its RockStarBaby-design. The saucy pirate picture....

Baby Cubes 2 oz
Baby Cubes 2 oz

Harga: IDR 120.000

BABY CUBES is the only product on the market that has a lid attached directly to each cube for a hassle-free and convenient way too prepare and store baby food.

* 8 x....

Disney Slender Grip Feeding Bottle
Disney Slender Grip....

Harga: IDR 28.000

Slender grip feeding bottle. Carefully made to the highest safety standards

6 oz / 175 ml Disney baby Feeding Bottle
6 oz / 175 ml Disney....

Harga: IDR 28.000

Feeding bottle with silicone teat

Easy grip feeding bottles with silicone teat. Carefully made to the highest safety standards

8 oz / 250 ml Disney wide neck feeding bottles
8 oz / 250 ml Disney....

Harga: IDR 30.000

Carefully made to the highest safety standards

Playtex Drop In Original Nurser 8 oz
Playtex Drop In....

Harga: IDR 95.000

Drop-Ins® Original Nurser provides an excellent value while reducing gas, colic and spitting up.

The pre-formed and pre-sterilized liners allow you to squeeze the extra air out....

Nuby Natural Touch Soft Flex Natural Nurser 8 oz
Nuby Natural Touch....

Harga: IDR 115.000

Nuby Natural Touch Soft Flex Natural Nurser Beast Sized Bottle- 8 OZ

The soft Flex Natural Nurser was designed to make breast-feeding and bottle feeding work better together.....

3 x 4 oz ( 120 ml) Printed Non-Drip™ Bottle,  Standard Neck
3 x 4 oz ( 120 ml) ....

Harga: IDR 230.000

The Nû by™ Non-Drip™ bottles have a variety of colourful designs that are bright and modern to make feeding even more fun. They come with the patented variable flow Non-Drip™ ....

10 oz Non-Drip™ Bottle,  Wide Neck
10 oz Non-Drip™ ....

Harga: IDR 95.000

Non-Drip™ Bottle, Wide Neck
No drips. No leaks. No messes!
Stage 1
10oz/ 300ml

100% Bisphenol A Free and keeping your baby safe

Non-Drip™ Design Prevents leaks....

3 x 5 oz Medela Breastmilk bottles
3 x 5 oz Medela....

Harga: IDR 130.000

Features and Benefits

* Safe plastic designed for long-term breastmilk storage retains breastmilk' s beneficial properties.
* Wide base, slow flow silicone nipple complements....

8 oz Luvable Friends Baby bottles
8 oz Luvable Friends....

Harga: IDR 65.000

Luvable Friends 8 oz
BPA Free

is a cute feeding item for your little one. With a silicone nipple and made of shatter-resistant, dishwasher safe plastic it' s as functional as....

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